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🫀blind/side is an adult real life webcomic set in Edinburgh.

Created by an independent comic group founded by artist DeliriumMacabre and writer Discord.


While many relationships start via social media, this one started on a… coffee cup.

Robert is a serious CEO, who battles his personal demons, trying to keep up the appearances of a perfect prodigy his father always wanted him to be.His entire life he carefully crafted for himself gets thrown off balance when one day he receives a coffee cup with a message to him.

18+ for sexual themes, blood, nudity, strong language, substance abuse and mental health talk

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Robert Maestrelli

Fuelled by coffee, cigarettes and amphetamine. Human disaster, desperately in need of saving from himself.

Chris MacKenzie

An enigmatic stranger Robert makes contact with through messages on coffee cups.

Dr Mateo Álvarez

Robert's therapist.

Adam Driscoll

Chipper barista at an Edinburgh cafe Robert frequently stops by.

Susan Macphearson

Robert's personal assisstant.

Monica Bakshi

Robert's best friend and a COO in his company.

BPD demon

Robert's unwanted companion.


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